On Rulership, Love, Creation, Possibilities

Message Received from Elohim May 31, 2020 Who We Are We are Elohim. We are a collective. We prefer the word collective to council, as it reflects the unity, rather than the hierarchy of all things. Rulership as a way to control things is a man-based concept. Rulership as a way to measure things isContinue reading “On Rulership, Love, Creation, Possibilities”

Preparing a Banquet Table of the Mysteries of God

Message received from Elohim June 5, 2020. Welcome to this transmission. We are Elohim and we have much to say to humanity with a sense of urgency, for this time panel in which you find yourselves calls forth several messages. It calls forth the integration of many codes. We desire to offer these things toContinue reading “Preparing a Banquet Table of the Mysteries of God”

Expanding the Light Body

Message from Elohim received on June 5, 2020. We are Elohim and we bring a transmission to humanity. As usual we come in peace and love, sending you light…sending you gridding…sending you the symbols that you need at this time. For the doors are open,the windows are open for you to receive. You need onlyContinue reading “Expanding the Light Body”

Entering and Expanding Your Inner World

Message Received from Elohim on June 1, 2020 The subject we would like to speak about is expansion. We are here to elaborate on this terminology and on this concept, which at this moment in time is very crucial for you to comprehend. At times, it is more important for you to understand broader conceptsContinue reading “Entering and Expanding Your Inner World”

The True Potential of the Human Body

Message Received from Elohim on May 28, 2020: We wish to speak on the regeneration of the true potential of the physical body. It is crucial for the human race to comprehend the potential of the body. At one point, those in control persecuted many for the use of certain physical powers that are naturalContinue reading “The True Potential of the Human Body”

Choosing What to Co-Create

Message from Elohim on May 30, 2020: Welcome to this transmission for humanity. We wish to offer a message of love and hope, first and foremost. It is apparent, as you know, that this is a time of tumult. Things are “coming to a head” as you would say. We understand this can feel quiteContinue reading “Choosing What to Co-Create”

Activation Keys: The Basics

What are Activation Keys? Activation keys are tools to restore balance to the planet, the galaxy, and the multiverse. They are instruments of change, shifting the very material from which the world is made. They are cross-dimensional tools that heal and repair many lives/beings on many dimensions. The actions done by one who holds theContinue reading “Activation Keys: The Basics”